Losing Weight Vs Losing Fat

Updated: Oct 31

Let’s talk about losing weight vs losing fat

There's a right way and a wrong way to do things. When it comes to losing weight the wrong way is to starve yourself losing fat body weight and lean body weight (muscle) in the process. Let's get one fact in the clear, total body weight is lean body weight (muscle) and fat body weight together equals your total body weight.

Losing fat body weight requires your macro meal plan to be based on your lean body weight meaning we feed the muscle only, and muscle burns fat.

Exposing the Myths:

Other programs base your caloric intake off of your total body weight (that's your weight on a scale) your age, your gender, your height, and all that is important but we're missing some steps here. You are suppose feed the muscle not the fat. If your meal plan isn't based on your lean body weight its based on your total body weight and you're following a cookie cutter approach to nutrition. Remember what works for one doesn't work for all. Tests are needed to see the conditions we are starting with good or bad. As we grow we will need to make necessary caloric intake adjustments to your macro nutrient meal measurements. This is for people who want precise results consistently.

Tips for fat loss:

What foods should stay away from all fried foods nothing fried. Nothing with flour in it, stay away from starchy carbs no bread no rice no pasta, late night snacking on foods high in fat. If you have to eat starchy carbs like rice, potatoes, have them after your workout.

If you want precise results you have to use precise measurements. So I apply the methods of nutrition science to calculate how much of your body is lean body weight and fat body weight. To stay on track and make necessary adjustments we will check results every 7 days. If you put in the work you will see your results every 7 days. I see on average overweight or obese women working out 5 days a week on my program lose 9 to 11 pounds in 7 days all natural. I see on average people lose 1 to 3% body fat every 7 days, lose 5 to 10 pounds of fat body weight, and gain 1 to 4 pounds of muscle every 7 days. For men and women it’s different and if your overweight or not makes a difference. Remember you have to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. You have to put in the work if you want extra ordinary results you have to put in extraordinary effort. If you do it the safe way and burn more calories than you take in you will lose fat body weight.

Weight loss is not following your macros, but training really hard or starving yourself or both. I have a saying and it's true," if you're not weighing it your winging it, either you’re eating too little or you’re eating too much". So stop winging it and expecting precise results. Yes, if you eat right, eating healthy food you will see results but you will plateau no longer dropping body fat and/or fat body weight. If you’re willing to put in the work there's no limits to how well you can renew your body.

Our bodies are made up of cells 37 to 70 trillion cells, and each cell has 70,000 different functions.

Cells create tissue, tissue creates organs/glands, all together creates a healthy or unhealthy bodily function.

Your amazing body creates 100 million new cells every minute. You're literally not the person you were yesterday and with this in mind...think if my body is recreating itself as we speak I can focus on renewing my body nourishing myself through nutrition. Having a healthier relationship with myself, treating my body like the temple it is, and putting things in it out of love not desires for the pleasure of taste.

In closing:

Your weight is total body weight and total body weight is lean body weight + fat body weight. Never base your meal plan off your total body weight. You’re feeding the fat and the muscle at the same time. Inevitably you will plateau nutrition wise and keep going in circles if you're stubborn about it. Give the body what it needs to perform and look the way you want it to look. Looking good is the byproduct of living a healthy life style. This is deeper than fat loss the leading causes of death in this country are preventable deaths.