Changing Your Mindset Changes Your Life

Updated: Oct 31

Once you change your mindset about food and see it for what it actually is, it becomes a lifestyle not a diet. Until then no matter how many surgeries or diets we try we still will have poor eating habits. The mindset change has to occur to make the transition permanent. You then begin to only view food for its nutritional value.

Food is fuel for our bodies our bodies crave nutrients for fuel not flavors. Diets are temporary fixes we need a lifestyle change to occur for long term results nutrition wise.

We all share psychological attachments to food we have reward foods, cultural foods, or comfort foods. Foods we eat for every reason but the nutritional value. Foods we eat to celebrate, or to comfort us after a long day of not eating at all. Sounds familiar?? Guess what we all have them so relax I'm gonna explain how you can work through them.

We first have to change our mindset about the way we eat. We can no longer eat to survive we should eat to live not merely survive. We have to see it for its nutritional value first, not comfort it gives you to eat it. Nutrition is all about getting to know what your biological needs are and providing your body the nourishment.

Your body needs a personal amount of macros and micros daily in order for you to renew yourself in a healthy way.

Our bodies are made up of cells 37 - 70 trillion cells. The body produces 100 million cells per minute it's constantly renewing itself. If you put the nutrients in your body that it needs it will renew itself in a healthy way, if you deprive your body of nutrients conditions or disease(s) will develop inevitably.

Do you know when your body craves anything it's a biological signal your body is deficient of certain nutrients?

Eating complete macro meals not only saves muscle/ build muscle but eliminates sweet cravings.

Do you know what macro nutrients are? ( protein, carbs, dietary fats)

Do you know how important it is to have a complete macro nutrient meal? It's so important you will lose muscle if you fail to eat a complete macro meal!

Macros and Micros are in natural none processed foods micros are (vitamins minerals and water ). I can explain macros and micros in the next blog.

Many reward or comfort foods could be things we've come to identify with as apart of our culture. Traditionally on holidays we eat this or that every year. I was raised to eat a certain way and never learned what my body needed to live longer.


Re-create your surroundings

Only have healthy options available for you around the house, at work, traveling for work, etc. No matter what happens you have to plan ahead of time. It's better to prepare your food and have it available then trying to figure out what you can eat on the go. There's limited healthy options out there and if you want consistent results you will have to pre plan.

Next figure out a way to trick your taste buds. There are healthy ways to make food taste really good. Ways to make pancakes and other goodies in a healthy way. When you have cravings your body is deficient of nutrients. Understanding what your body needs everyday and eating that way takes a new mindset. Seeing food for its nutritional value and nourishing your body.

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