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Recipes & Tips 


Banana Nut Bread Protein Pancake

1. 3 whole eggs mixed in a bowl with cinnamon

2. Blend 1 cup of Quaker Oats with 2 tbsp peanuts

3. Mix oatmeal with eggs very well and let sit for 3 mins

4. Add tbsp peanut butter and mix well

5. Slice 1 banana stir into mixture until smooth

6. Spray pan with olive oil

7. Pour mixture into pre-heated pan

8. Cook over low heat just like  pancake

9. Once cooked, remove from heat, add sliced banana to the top and one tbsp of peanut butter in the middle


Colorful tomato salad on a white plate
Green apple and beans smoothie
Family & Group Nutrition Counseling


We believe in applying fitness science to the exercise methods that work best. Group training is as precise as single 1 on 1 training . The classes vary in sizes day to day. The benefit of training in a group with SFN is that we incorporate an atmosphere of

brotherhood/sisterhood unity, and family vibe togetherness. Giving the extra support you will need to encourage you to push beyond your limits.