Simmons Fitness & Nutrition is a community-based company that believes in the science of biology, and the science of food combined. We eliminate all guesswork, counting your calories, and calculating your macros for you.

         When developing your program we include your weight loss or weight gain goals, your food preferences, food allergies, activity level, metabolism, and more details to make this program truly personalized.


         We're your accountability partner to push you through our health coach services included with every program. We know there has to be a mental shift that has to occur in order for people to make a lifestyle change long-term. 

We believe that when you hire us to help you reach your goal, you're goal(s) become our goals, and we treat them as such as we assist you. People that follow the personalized programs see results every week for the most part. 


            This service teaches you what are the best exercises for your body type from an expert point of view. We believe in this system so strongly, we have connected the dots on something the industry hasn't caught on to yet. Which is how the body fat is linked to the leading causes of death in this country according to

Well with the Personalized MacroNutrient System we can reduce body fat guaranteed if the client does the work required. We teach people how to not need us any more nutrition-wise, and to lead a healthy life.

            We teach each person enough to gain greater control of their health through nutrition services. This makes this service invaluable, the question becomes not if the service is of value, but if you need to gain better control of your health? If so, this is a program you should invest into.  It's something you can always use and get on track if you ever stopped.

           We are giving back to help people live a healthier life it's the best form of insurance to living a better life is "Your Health". 





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