Carbs are the #1 fuel source and why?

Updated: Oct 19

My mission is to deliver content to help people better understand how and why our bodies use energy/food. First I want to say all readers should understand we mean whole none processed foods. Today we will talk about carbohydrates better known as carbs. According to the American Council on Exercise pg. 143 "Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source due to their rapid breakdown and this quick availability of ATP, the body's usable energy. However, the body also can get energy from the breakdown of fatty acids, and in less desirable situations, from the conversion of amino acids to glucose through gluconeogenesis. When mentioned the body can get energy from breaking down amino acid aka muscle and that's when the liver converts the muscle into glucose it's called gluconeogenesis. That's just a breakdown of the above American Council on Exercise pg 143 information. The body is made up of cells 37 to 70 trillion cells, cells create tissue, tissue creates muscles, organs, glands, and bones. Together creates a healthy or unhealthy bodily function. The primary food source for cells is carbs. Not protein like GNC told you, and not fats its carbs. Let's keep it simple here are a list of good carbs, fruits, vegetables, rice, leafy greens, etc. List of bad carbs: Bread, pastries, pasta cause of the flour in it. Anything with flour in it is processed food, those foods will kill you.

The last thing is if you start eating whole foods and stop eating fast food you will see results. Complex carbs like banana, oranges, rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc are what stops the catabolic state. The catabolic state is the state your in when you workout, the muscle breakdown state, and complex carbs stop that. Eating protein along with carbs after eating slows down the absorption of carbs which is bad. So after working out,  and even before training long periods you carb load. Carbs are the number one fuel source for the body. Even muscles are full of muscle glycogen carbs. Too much is bad but not enough is bad so finding your balance will take calculations based on your measurements. We can't use a cookie cutter approach one size fit all method. We all are different so the carb intake has to personalized for each client.

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