Emotional Intelligence and Eating habits.

Updated: Oct 19

Expanding my Emotional Intelligence 

On a daily basis, I often find myself

questioning the value that I bring to the health industry. I think about how they're so many people with the same title, no one will realize what I offer is a completely different approach to health.

This Personalized Nutrition Service is the only way we can start treating people like individuals and respecting those differences. I struggle with trying to convey this message to people, through awareness videos to make the connection for people. To show them, tell them, and break it down so a 5th grader could understand it. I often feel that people will pay more attention to the message than the messenger. I say this speaking for being in business for myself for the last 5 years, and what I have experienced.  I decided to not just tell people you'll live a longer life by giving the body what needs consistently, I decided to show them.

To share the science of food and how it harms or helps the body that consumes these foods, drinks, or drugs. I struggle with feelings of no one will listen to me, or respect my professionalism. I've had a new client ask if I could show them my credentials, and it was one of my first clients. I showed him and consulted with my professor about it later after the first session. My professor told me I shouldn't do business with people like that, and although that never happens again it always stood out in my mind.

Did people see my appearance first before my skills, the information, and the nutrition program? I put myself in the client's shoes and I never took it personally as to why people were skeptical about starting. Even asking for my credentials I was proud to show all the certifications I earned at college. I continue to feel as if I have to prove myself as a professional, I never felt so black in my life besides representing myself in corporate settings. I struggle with it, I overthink it, and my attitude about it is to let my expertise shine through. If I help enough people reach better health, and if I get enough education no one can deny me. I feel I have to master all there is to know about the human body regarding health. This has led to me studying to get a deeper understanding of the laws of biology, physiology, cell biology, and food science to be better at what I do. I put myself in the shoes of people needing my help with reaching better health, and I create content.

My struggle is finding out how to stop this negative self-talk, about not being good enough. The truth is people don't care about color as much as they care about the information. People want to know that this program will work for them, and my struggle is being confident in what I already know about health.

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