Self-Care: It’s Good for Business

Running a small business is no easy feat. There’s lots of stress and strain, both physical and mental, which can take a toll on entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of self-care and a positive attitude, you can navigate your responsibilities while feeling good about yourself, both at home and at work. Stress Management at Work To reduce stress at work, start by looking for ways to save time at the office. This might be something as simple as hiring a part-time assistant to handle phone calls or coming in an hour earlier so that you can get things done that you would otherwise be stuck at work doing for two or three hours later every day. Most people are more productive when others aren’t around, so don't be afraid to alter your office hours if needed. If you run a brick-and-mortar, you might also consider changing your operating hours to best coincide with your customers’ needs. This will help you maximize sales while reducing overhead. You won’t have to spend money on employees that aren’t working, and your customers are more likely to choose you once again if they know you are available when they

need you most. Something else you can do is to create new revenue streams so that you do not have to focus all of your time and energy on one. Although this sounds like more work, you can simplify the process by choosing a DBA name and registering with the state. As a DBA, you will have plenty of domains to choose from, you can sell under different brands. Furthermore, you won’t be limited to using simply one company name. DBA, which stands for “doing business as,” is an important designation for businesses with multiple branches. You’ll also want to pay attention to your employees. Happy employees will work harder for you, which can take stress off of your plate. According to the 15Five blog, you should touch base by asking questions regularly. This should include inquiring about challenges, personal fulfillment, and any feedback that your employees might have that can make business better. Remember, while you are the expert in your field, your employees are the ones with their feet on the ground. Self-Care for a Better You The idea of self-care might seem like a pipe dream. After all, you’re a busy entrepreneur and optimizing your home for healthy, stress-free living might even seem a bit frivolous. But you have to stop thinking about self-care as mindless enjoyment. The truth is that taking care of yourself (physically and mentally) can give you more energy inside and out, which will make you more effective at home and at work. Self-care ideas include: Getting enough sleep. You already know that sleep is important for your body. But you may not realize that, when you sleep, your mind has an opportunity to purge unnecessary bits of information. Not sleeping at least seven hours each night can result in you being slow, sluggish, and, worse, indecisive. Make sure that your bedroom is cool and comfortable at night and that you are using a pillow – Good Housekeeping recommends pillows for each sleeping style – and bedding that feels best to you. Exercising regularly. Exercise keeps your heart, lungs, muscles, and mind going strong. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to exercise outside of work, don’t be shy about calling in an instructor to provide fitness classes for you and your employees. Canadian employee engagement firm Rise recommends yoga, kickboxing, and barre for the workplace. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, consider investing in a diet and exercise program with Simmons Fitness and Nutrition. And if you are not in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, never fear; Simmons offers Virtual Personal Training at very reasonable rates. Eliminating toxic relationships. Both romantic and platonic relationships can and will affect you at work. Especially pertaining to your intimate relationships, being happy with your spouse or partner will show up at work as positivity. Similarly, living in an abusive or unstable environment can have a negative effect on you as a manager or business

owner. Skipping social media. Social media does a lot of good for your business, but it can also harm you personally. If you are continually checking your social media sites for affirmation that you’re doing something right, it’s time to pull the social plug. Remember, not everything you see online is true, and it’s unfair to yourself to compare your life with a glorified version of others’ online. Watching your weight. If you’re overweight, losing just 10% of your body fat could make you feel better and also reduce your chances of experiencing weight-related illnesses. It might not be fair but another reason to keep tabs on the numbers on the scale is that people tend to be more polite to and even hold average-weight people in higher regard. Relaxing. Relaxing is a struggle for many of us. But our brains and bodies need to relax so that we can be our healthiest. Listen to your body, and look for things that make you feel good and at ease. This might be a massage, time reading, or meditation. Whatever you choose to do, give yourself permission and time to do it at least once each week. Continuing or finishing your education. Self-care can involve self-improvement, and if you never went to college or did not finish your degree, you might consider going back to school. There are many online programs that will fit your schedule and your budget, and the cost of earning a new degree or finishing an old one may be offset by the increase in your self-confidence or even an improvement in your people and/or business skills. Everything you do to help yourself can be considered self-care. When you’re the boss, you can’t afford not to take care of yourself. When you treat yourself right, you will be better at work and at home and you’ll avoid burning out. Both your family and your employees count on you, so it’s not selfish to give your brain and body the fuel they need to help you succeed.