Reinventing Yourself

If you’ve ever felt like taking a personal inventory and seeking out ways to look and feel your best and live the life you’ve always envisioned, there’s no better time than the present. Whether you want to embark on a new fitness regime or challenge yourself intellectually, getting into the right head space can set you on the path to success. Simmons Fitness & Nutrition can help you navigate this journey; book a session with us today for weekly guaranteed results. Start Eating Better While it’s no secret that whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies, and lots of water are all good for your health, it can be a bit of a challenge to change your eating habits overnight - especially when you’re on the go or on a budget. Start with small steps if necessary, like shopping at a farmer’s market or health food store, meal prepping, and taking your lunch to work rather than eating out. You’ll soon start to notice you look and feel better, and have more energy! Get Moving According to the American Heart Association, you can start feeling more fit, and take care of your heart, by moving more. That can mean a full-out routine with a trainer, or even the simple act of wearing a fitness tracker that monitors your steps, your heart rate, and your water intake. You can even make exercise fun! Join a hiking club, take a dance class, or start walking with a friend during the lunch hour. You can keep your motivation up by investing in gear that makes your routine more comfortable, such as a great pair of leggings made of durable fabric. Healthy habits that fit into your schedule are the ones that make the most sense, are the easiest to implement, and the simplest to maintain. Do Something Different Changing up a routine can put you in a different mental and emotional state. For example, do you always sleep in on Sunday morning and indulge in a latte and croissant in bed? Once a month, replace that routine with a daybreak tai chi class, a day of volunteering, reading a book by a new author, trying a new brunch spot, or calling an old friend and catching up. While some habits are healthy and promote a sense of order, they can also become stale and unexciting. Being open to new adventures can introduce you to new ways of thinking, feeling, and being.

Get a New Look Personal growth can happen both internally, and externally. If you’re in the mood for a new look, go to your hairstylist with a handful of pictures and ideas and get his or her expert advice on making a change. Pick a few new outfits in a style you’ve always admired, but shied away from. Splurge on that new shaving balm or face cream, buy an exotic coffee blend, find a kitschy jewelry piece at an estate sale, or change out your eyeglass frames for something hip or whimsical. Try on new personas and enjoy the journey of self-discovery! Stimulate Your Mind Keeping your mind sharp can improve your life in myriad ways. If you’ve ever thought about continuing your education and pursuing an MBA, online classes make it easier than ever. In addition to increasing your knowledge and skill sets and potentially setting yourself up for new professional opportunities, you’ll also meet a diverse range of interesting new people. Exchanging ideas and exploring different topics can give your life a whole new outlook you may never have envisioned! Take a Break According to the Centers for Disease Control, while on your path to overall health and wellness, remember to pencil in legitimate mental health breaks. Yes, meditating for 15 minutes a day is a great place to start, but also plan mini rest-and-recharge retreats for yourself. Even a single day at a wellness spa can be a great way to practice self-care, refocus your energies, distress, and come back to your work, your family, and your life with a fresh new perspective. Change is hard for many people, but living in a rut is no walk in the park either. Get yourself into the right mental head space, start slow if you need to, and commit to living in a way that makes you feel you truly are living life to its fullest!

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