"How muscle improve the quality of your life".

Updated: Oct 31

"The more fat you have, the more willing the body will sacrifice fat stores. As you get leaner, the body will be less willing to sacrifice extramuscular survival fat stores" pg 119 , NFPT Resistance Training Specialist Manual The human body will naturally re-regulate itself when you're overweight or obese I call those two conditions the red zone. Following the program I will develop for you I can get you out of the red zone in 2 to 3 months unless you're 3rd level obesity. That will take 6 months to 1 year to transform your body. Every mainstream public program out there I see available are programs based on the fat body weight and the lean body weight together when developing the caloric intake. Which is a problem cause we should feed the muscle not the fat also, and we do so basing the caloric intake off of the total body weight. Solution: We should feed the muscle only not the fat body weight. Fat body weight and body fat kills us when we have too much of it in our bodies. Therefore, following your macros that I develop based on your measurements your lean body weight. I customize it to compliment your life and activity level all while teaching you how to maintain your results and be socially active. Muscle burns fat naturally so I base your caloric intake off of your muscle, so because muscle burns fat while I focus on increasing the muscle I naturally decrease the fat body weight and body fat. Here's some benefits I've seen over the years: Women over weight will look more toned, reduce lose skin, learn how to eat to live a longer life, sleep better at night, healthier skin, mental alertness, stronger immune system , more energy, by following the program. Men will be able to put on more lean muscle consistently , sleep better at night, dropping body fat to reveal abdominal muscles, mental alertness, more stamina, stronger immune system, by following the program.

Kids will get sick less, more mental alertness, reduce body fat if over weight or obese, learn how to eat to live a longer life, improve confidence, by following the program.

Here's the facts, your weight on the scale is total body weight. Your caloric intake should only be based on your muscle or your feeding the fat and muscle at the same time. No human being is straight muscle and no fat, no one is perfect there's always room for improvement. Therefore, the meal plan should be based only on muscle. I plan on teaching you the people how the body work in relation to food and exercise cause you should eat and train for your goals. Heather Morgan says, "the way we eat and drink we are either feeding or fighting a disease". Men 20% and over in body fat are overweight and over 25% is obese. Women 25% and over are overweight 30% and over is obese.

Heart disease, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancers, GallBladder disease These health conditions stem from having too much fat body weight, and too much body fat. I will say it again muscle burns fat naturally. So, if I focus on building muscle I will drop the body fat and fat body weight naturally. So when I say I can get these results every 7 days. Drop 1 to 11 pounds of fat body weight, Drop 1 to 3% body fat, Gain 1 to 3 pounds of muscle every 7 days until you reach your peak. I apply the knowledge in formula of mathematical nutrition science to figure what's happening inside you. Like how much of your body is fat body weight, how much of it is muscle, and how much of it is body fat. I have going over 2 years of consistent results dates, and numbers which I've helped hundreds of people. In closing remember to always eat complete macro nutrient meals meaning have protein, carbs, and dietary fats every meal or you will lose muscle inevitably. Muscle burns fat naturally so feed the muscle drop body fat and fat body weight. Making you healthier and improving the quality of your life. Next I will discuss resistance training from the working aspect.

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