The Hidden Truth About Health

Updated: Oct 31

Most of Americans don't know what I'm about to reveal to you. What makes you healthy? Some think it's eating healthy foods only, or working out a few months out of the year especially in the beginning. Most people get exhausted with trying diet after diet aka macro ratio after macro ratio.

I'm here to share with you the truth about how to tell how healthy you are without going to the doctor. Most clients I work with thought that the weight on the scale determined how healthy they were when we first started. Or tried to follow a diet plan, when diets don't work because a diet is a macro ratio ( example: keto-diet is a macro ratio of 70 - 80% dietary fats, 20-25% protein, and 10-5% carbs) that someone decided will work for everyone. That's implying we all the same metabolism we all respond to macros the same so in that case shouldn't we look the same?

When we all respond differently to food and exercise so every thing should be personalized. Which means to find each individual nutritional need and meet those needs. Your body fat determines how healthy you are not only your weight on the scale (which is your total body weight). To test your body fat you can use the Omron fatloss monitor will input your bmi (body mass index) information into the Omron fatloss monitor and use the device to check your body fat. Checkout this research this is why I created a solution which is a system I invented to reduce the body fat 1 to 3% every week. Let's put that into perspective if you're over weight you're between 25 and 30% body fat. If I can reduce your body fat 1 to 3% every 7 days I can get you back healthy in a month and 2 weeks at the most. This is a solution to what's responsible for the leading causes of death in this country. Make sure scroll down to the bottom of this article to see what I'm talking about. After learning how too much body fat on your body for too long leads to the leading causes of death in this country how do you feel about that? I invented a solution it's called the Personalized Macro Nutrient system. Personalized means we find the need of each individual client and meet those needs. Macro Nutrient means we give the body everything it needs biologically to renew itself in a healthy way. And System cause we help you create structure in your life with a skill that will empower the rest of your life.

I hope this information was helpful to you share it with people to increase the awareness.

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